Bueno lead man Luke Chiaruttini first met Mikey Gagliardi, who plays guitar and sax, on a bus ride home from Catholic school. Mikey threw his shoe at Luke’s head, and then kindly asked for Luke to give it back. It was one of the many quiet rebellions that Mikey, Luke, Joe Imburgio (bass), AJ Pantaleo (drums), and Mike DiBenedetto (guitar) would engage in throughout their adolescent years growing up and fucking up in Staten Island.
Whether sneaking in underage for rock shows at the now­ defunct Martini Red, or journeying to the middle­ of ­nowhere Staten Island to play packed shows, the guys of Bueno know music at their home base can be an uneven struggle. Yet the borough holds a quiet abundance of creative energy that has pushed Bueno to be as enterprising as any other act throughout the five boroughs.

““Its easy to argue that Bueno’s music is so aesthetically in-line with the greats of New York punk that it should just be considered a new iteration of the era’s definitive catalogue;”
— Stereogum
“Bueno has made music about nothing—but at the same time, it’s about everything”
“singer Luke Chiarrutini sounds like he’s plotting the locations of his personal neuroses and then reading back the ensuing map.”
— FLOOD Magazine
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