Kotic Couture

Kotic Couture, the introspective and buoyant Baltimore-based rapper and songwriter, continues their journey of self-expression in their latest release, “Diary of a Dreamer,” out May 10th on Babe City Records.

Nurtured in the underground art movement and club scene of Baltimore, Kotic Couture (pronounced kāˈädik ko͞oˈto͝or) adopts a more classic hip-hop approach to their latest work, which draws from vogue and pop influences. They describe “Diary of a Dreamer” as an “authentic interpretation” of their diary, revealing significant scenes from their life and experiences in and out of the LGBTQ community. Co-produced with Baltimore-based Benjamin Banger, the always energetic performer shows a personal side to Baltimore, mixing beautifully-crafted stories with jazzy, classically-influenced beats.

“Diary of a Dreamer” marks Kotic Couture’s most upbeat—and profound—project to date.
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