Lady Pills 

It’s true: objective analysis is boring. Life and society—and in turn, art—is made interesting by our distinct, unique perspectives. The most memorable music experiences are often defined by a sense of empathy felt by all across the room; each person—performer and audience member alike—have their own personal takeaways. On all accounts, Lady Pills get that.

Formed in October 2015 while attending Berklee College of Music, Lady Pills have a singular yet multi-faceted voice. Informed by their time in the Boston DIY community, Lady Pills’ unique perspective on the scene, social responsibility and life in the 21st century is felt in their music and at their shows.

Musically, the three-piece is lean but dynamic, often with guitarist Ella Boissonnault’s emotive vocals front and center. On other tracks, bassist Alison Dooley takes lead vocals, whose artistic perspective foils Ella’s approach. The driving yet fluid drumming of Claire Duhring makes the songs immediate. All together, they are a force.
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