Less is more, the passage of time, and taking control of your life are just a few of the themes explored in NY-based band, Leaping’s newest EP, Killing Time.
Out on Babe City Records, Killing Time draws from B-Sides of Leaping’s Suspended Animation released earlier this year on Exploding In Sound Records.

Leapling’s Dan Arnes experiments with minimalism on Killing Time EP, self-recording each instrument and song for the first time-- crafting beautiful, intimate songs true to their skeletal form. The deliberate effort to allow the imperfections and original song structures shine forms an incredible new Leapling experience, while drawing elements to create an extension of previous works.

On Killing Time, frontman Dan Arnes states “There was also a deliberate effort to not edit myself in terms of what kind of songs I write and just let whatever comes out come out. A lot of first takes and imperfections, which I’m always into. Felt nice to be true to thy original intention like that.” An extension of previous LP’s Suspended Animation and Vacant Page, Arnes explores himself and escapes the comfort zone on Killing Time.
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