Nappy Nappa

Davonte “NAPPYNAPPA" Squire, aka The Mumbo Sauce Prince, sports a creative dedication that we can’t help but admire. He lives his music. There is no separation between Davonte and the many styles of NAPPYNAPPA. Instead, he uses his music and wit to draw listeners into his world. That world is not without its struggles, of course, but in Davonte’s wide-eyed way, those struggles are worth celebrating as much as his successes. 
“Newcomers rarely sound so comfortable in their cosmic confidence, but Nappa is simply funneling his sweat into sound itself. On his latest release, a terrific EP titled “New Balance,” he spells it out over a chiming jazz loop: “I fell out of love with making it, more in love with making music and the influence that it has on humans.” And although his most stylish rhymes posit him as an individualist, he says he still feels a profound connection to his home turf. “People can come to D.C. through music,” Nappa says. “I’m in the middle. My music is a bridge.” 
-- Chris Richards, The Washington Post

“Even on an overcast day, NAPPYNAPPA’s energy is radiant“
-- Nazuk Kochhar, FADER

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