Really Big Pinecone

Imagine: It’s Christmas day. You’re sitting around the tree with your family. Your five-year old son and/or daughter hands you a handmade present: areally big pinecone, covered in glitter and garland and technicolor paint. It's a perplexing gift indeed, but pure and heartwarming.

That’s how Really Big Pinecone want you to feel about their music. Their music, as described by guitarist Mikey Buishas, is “sort of messy, but playful, abstract, as well as earnest and joyful.” What I Said About The Pinecone—the Brooklyn-based three-piece's latest and first vinyl release, out this fall on Babe City Records—captures the wonder, fear and uninhabited creativity over the course of an eventful 14 minutes, seven songs.
This album—recorded by Philip Weinrobe (Marc Ribot, Pussy Riot, Damien Rice) at Figure 8 Recording (Palm, Owen Pallet, Here We Go Magic, Son Lux, The Julie Ruin)—as well as their previous release, Really Big Pinecone—recorded at The Silent Barn—is as mysterious yet self-aware as the band name suggests. All you can do, fair listener, is join on the ride.

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