Tooth Choir

Tooth Choir was launched when bassist Julian Oliver moved home to Maryland after attending school in North Carolina. Originally started as a guitar-based project to help fill the void he felt from not playing in a band at the time, Oliver wanted to become a better guitarist, songwriter and arranger, and to write songs that challenged this.  The original Tooth Choir demos featured jangly guitars and dreamy production inspired by the music he had played as the bassist in Go Cozy, a D.C.-based indie pop group, and his then obsession with the recently released Beach House album, Depression Cherry. 

Eventually, Oliver moved to D.C. and began playing in bands again, lessening the need to pursue the Tooth Choir sound. However, it never entirely disappeared. When he began producing music again in 2016, a year after the original Tooth Choir demos were produced, he gravitated to a more natural sound indicative of his mood at the time—samples and beats, with a hint of the dreamy ambience that characterize the music he had previously recorded for the project and abandoned. The tracks featured on the Light Rhythms EP released were selected from music he produced during the following six months in 2017. 

Tooth Choir, the fourth project Oliver started in eight years, now serves as the primary outlet for his musical ideas—in whatever form those ideas may take.

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