Turtledoves is the musical project by Alex and Ashley McGrath based out of Cincinnati Ohio. Striking dreamy songs with layers of 80s synths and reverb-soaked wonder, Turtledoves have crafted beautiful and emotional songs complete with lofi drum samples and haunting melodies.   

In the multitude of instrumental layers, they delicately leave enough space in each track for the vocal melodies to shine, often, with Ashley and Alex's voices in unison. With waves of warm analog tones and large and heart wrenching hooks, “Pillars of the Earth” can sometimes feel more like a movie than an album, theatrical and flowing.

“With their Turtledoves project, Ohio-based songwriters Ashley and Alex Mcgrath craft sweeping, cinematic songs that blend elements of dream-pop, electronic, and folk-rock. Songs on their second EP, Pillars of the Earth, deal with the ebbs and flows of relationships, lyrically drawing on earth-toned imagery. “ - HYPE MACHINE

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